How to Change IP Address without VPN [Windows PC & Android & iPhone]

If you are searching the ways to change IP without VPN, check this post and get easy methods to hide your current IP address for your PC and mobile phone. Changing IP with VPN is also available here.

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How to change IP address without VPN

IP (Internet Protocol) address is a numerical label for you to connect to the network and surf the internet. It means that every device connected to the network gets an IP address, which contains your network identification, location, even the information you are looking for.

That is to say, changing IP address is able to change location and the private information. Therefore, if you want to change your IP address to hide your privacy, secure your information, or even configure a quicker network, keep reading this post. You will get how to manually change an IP address on your PC or mobile phone, with or without VPN.

Can I Change my IP without VPN?

Certainly, an IP address can be changed. For example, the ISP (internet service provider) assigns an IP address, which may be a dynamic IP address or a fixed IP for you to connect to WiFi on PC, or cellular data on a phone. The dynamic IP address will be changed when you disconnect a internet and reconnect next time. Or, when you connect to a different network, IP address is changed automatically.

Then, how to manually change an IP address location? Read the ways below and you will get the steps to change an IP with or without VPN.

Manually Change IP Address without VPN on Windows 10/11

If you are using a Windows PC, including Windows 10 or the latest Windows 11, you can find your IP address from Network & internet when you are connected to an internet. Therefore, you can manually change the IP location on your Windows PC with below steps:

Step 1. Go to Start and click Control Panel or Settings.

Step 2. Find Network & Internet.

Step 3. Find the network you are already connected to and click Properties.

Step 4. Click Edit under IP settings, choose Manual. You can type a new IP address here.

how to change ip address without vpn on Windows 10/11

Note: Make sure you're using the Administrator account, which allows you to change IP.

How to Change IP Address without VPN on Android

Changing IP location on an Android phone is easy, too. Firstly, you can view IP address on your phone from Settings > About Device > Status Information. To change IP address without VPN on Android:

Step 1. Open Settings on Android and go to Wireless & Networks.

Step 2. Click on the Wi-Fi network that you connected.

Step 3. Find Modify Network.

Step 4. Scroll down and select Advanced Options.

Step 5. Tap IP Settings and select Static, you can change the IP address on your Android now.

how to change ip address without vpn on Android

How to Change IP Address on iPhone

IP address on iPhone can also be accessed from Settings > WLAN > Click the network or “i” > Under IPV4 ADDRESS, you can view your IP address. Besides, check the steps below to change IP address on iPhone:

Step 1. Open Settings app on iPhone.

Step 2. Click WLAN and tap on the network you are connected now.

Step 3. Under IPV4 ADDRESS, enter Configure IP.

Step 4. Usually, Automatic is selected. Now, choose Manual and you can type new IP address from the blank below.

How to Change IP Address on iPhone without vpn

Tips: IPV4 is the early IP address type, which has a shorter bits than IPV6. Both of them are assigned by internet service provider now.

Alternative Way to Hide your IP Address with VPN and with Ease

The above methods allows you to manually change IP address without VPN on a PC or phone, supporting you to hide the current location and personal information for free. Besides, VPN is nowadays another alternative and normal way for IP address changing. VPN gives you more options to modify your network.

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Why VPN?

VPN is abbrieted from Virtual Private Network, which is widely used for the people all over the world. Why people choose VPN? It can secure your network from various aspects.

  • It allows you to change IP address quickly and easily.

  • You can stay invisible from public with virtual IP address.

  • It provides you many counties to select.

  • You can enjoy fast and stable network normally.

  • You can the guidance with a VPN service.

How to Choose a Best VPN Service?

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how to change ip address without vpn

Change IP Address without VPN via Router Modification

What’s more, simply unplugging your Router or Modem will changing IP address. However, it may take multiple tries and you may wait for several minutes to plug in again and change IP successfully. Therefore, it’s better for you to try the above manually changing ways on your devices, or a simple VPN is also useful for your needs.


Changing IP address is an important way for us to protect what we seek, where it is from, or how to get there. You can check the detailed steps or notes as above, including changing with or without VPN. Please feel free to share your ideas about IP address changing.

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