How to Change IP Address on Android to Another Country? [Detailed Guide]

How to change IP address on your Android? This article will introduce 3 ways of changing IP address manually or with VPN on Android and recommend you the best free VPN for Android 2022.

Updated at2022/11/28Hadiqa Holt

how to change ip address,

What is IP address on Android? Why we need to change IP address on our android? In fact, with the rapid development of network information, monitoring and tracking is no longer difficult in cyberspace. Once you are connected to the Internet, your Internet Provider (IPSs) can track your Internet activity according to your IP address, and then, when you use a browser to log in to a website, the browser provider and website owner can also access your history, so to speak, all your behavior on the network is completely exposed to various third-party surveillance because of your IP address.

You may think that you have nothing important to steal and deceive, but phishing sites and hackers don't think so much, they will attack and steal your private and sensitive data and then sell it to advertisers or websites, and all of this starts with the exposure of your IP address.

In order to solve these problems, you need to understand how to change the IP address on your Android devices, next I will introduce why to change the IP address on an Android phone and** three ways to change the IP address on the Android device**, read on.

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Why do we need to change IP address on Android?

Why do we need to change the IP address to another country or region? Many people still have a debate about the need to change IP addresses, but in fact, it is precisely because of this fluke information that so many data breach scandals occur. It's important to protect your privacy on the web, and if you want to access certain foreign websites more quickly, changing your IP address is necessary.

Avoid tracking and monitor

You may find that once you have searched or browsed a piece of content on the web, then you will receive all kinds of ads related to this content, which is the advertising that advertisers and websites target according to your browsing habits and personal data, if you do not hide your IP address, you will be bombarded with various pop-ups and information.

Visit foreign websites

Maybe you just want to access videos or news from a foreign website, but due to copyright issues on the website itself or due to some government restrictions, you don't have access in your country, such as Netflix, how to access Netflix in another country, just change your IP address.

Privacy and security protection

Most people do not understand the harm of public Wi-Fi, in fact, these public Wi-Fi as your network provider can access all your Internet records, and even hackers can attack your computer through your connected Wi-Fi, steal your personal privacy and sensitive data, change your IP address can effectively prevent the network provider from accessing your device according to your IP address.

Three ways of changing IP address on Android

How to change IP address on android to another country? Now that we know the dangers of exposing IP addresses to the network, but many people may still be at a loss as to how to change their IP addresses on their phones, don't worry, in this section, we will introduce three ways to help you change IP addresses on your Android phone more easily and conveniently.

First you need to know where to find your IP address on Android:

  1. Open Phone Settings

  2. Click About

  3. Click Status

  4. Check the IP address

1. How to change IP address with Proxy?

Proxy server is a common way to hide the real IP address. The mechanism of Proxy is to set up a "transit station" between the client and the remote server. The proxy server first intercepts the user's request after the client requests service from the remote server, and then the proxy server sends the service request to the remote server, thus realizing the connection between the client and the remote server. With such a protection mechanism, even if a third party tries to view your IP address information, it can only see the IP address of the proxy server.

How to connect to Proxy Server on Android

1.Go to your Android’s settings

2.Select Wi-Fi

3.Select your networks’ name

4.Hit Modify Network

5.Click Advanced Options

6.Select Manual

7.Enter in your proxy port and host name

8.Click Save

2. how to manually change IP address on android?

Changing the IP address manually is very simple, it only takes a few simple steps, but its effectiveness is limited, and it often appears that a new IP address has been set, but when you access the network with the new address, it still shows that it is inaccessible.

How to change your IP address on Android Manually?

1.Go to your Android Settings

2.Select Wireless & Networks

3.Click on your Wi-Fi

4.Click Modify Network

5.Select Advanced Options

6.Change the IP address

3. How to change IP address with free VPN for Android?

VPNs are the easiest and most effective way to change IP addresses for people who don't know anything about computers. All you need to do is download VPN on your Android and click Connect, and you can change your IP address and hide your real IP address at will. With just one VPN you can break through geo-restrictions, access foreign websites, surf the web anonymously, and even play cross-server games without delay, whenever you want, and with a VPN you can do it.

Among the many VPN products, I would like to recommend one of my favorite VPN services - Sonics VPN. Although Sonics VPN is only launched in 2022, it is serving more and more users with its powerful features and excellent price/performance ratio. Sonics VPN is dedicated to provide users with professional VPN services to make your internet experience better. It is well known that the closer the IP address is to the country where the website is located the faster the network.

Sonics VPN - Fast & Unlimited

Access to the Internet

  • Breakthrough the speed limit on network connection
  • Private and safe online surfing
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The features of Sonics VPN:

Global Servers - Sonics VPN provides over 5,000 servers in more than 40 countries around the world, so you can access websites from all major countries in the world without space or time constraints, and you can change IP address on your Android to another country freely.

Kill Switch - Kill Switch means that when a user's VPN connection is accidentally disconnected, the VPN will automatically disconnect the network to avoid the exposure of IP address or leakage of personal information due to an accidental loss of connection.

Unlimited devices and Usage - Sonics VPN supports multiple devices to meet the needs of users. Unlike some VPNs that limit 10GB per month, Sonics VPN provides users with the best unlimited VPN service at a low price.

Auto Server Selection-Sonics provides users with fast VPN services to ensure that users do not be affected by network speed problems. No matter where you are in the world, Sonics can automatically select the nearest and fastest network channel for you.

How to setup VPN and change your IP address on Android?

Step 1. Download VPN for Android from the website of Sonics.

Step 2. Choose the server you want to connect in the server list and use it to change IP address on your Android.


Now you know how to change IP address on Android after you read the article. Although you can choose one of the three ways to change IP address on Android, I recommend free and unlimited VPN for Android to change IP address, it’s easier and faster for surfing the Internet safely. Download Sonics VPN and try it now, you will never regret for your choice.

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