Best Free VPN 2023 for Australian IP Address [Detailed Guide]

How to get Australian IP address anywhere? Using a free VPN for Australia is a good option, this article will tell how to get an Australian IP with free VPN y how to use it on your device.

Updated at2023/02/08Arya Munoz

how to change ip address to Australia

How can I access a local Australian website if I am not in Australia? You may encounter a situation where you are not in Australia for working or traveling, but because your IP address is overseas, you can not only access your Australian bank account, even some local TV channels and streaming platforms cannot be accessed, so how can we change IP address to Australia?

For newbies, use VPN service is clearly the best option. What is a VPN? VPN (Virtual Private Network) refers to relying on ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and other NSPs (Internet Service Providers) to build a specialized virtual network in the public network using tunneling, encryption and other technologies. With a VPN for Australia, you can easily access local Australian websites that have implemented geo-blocked restrictions, including streaming sites, TV, and some official services that usually restrict foreign visitors from using his services. A VPN is the best tool to bypass geo-restrictions, so not only can you access Australian websites freely, but your online security and Internet speed will also be greatly guaranteed. Read on, and in this article, you'll learn how to get an Australian IP address using a free VPN and how to use a VPN on your device.

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Why should we change IP address Australia with VPN?

Although there are many ways to change your IP address to Australia, it has to be said that a VPN is the friendliest and safest for newbies. There should be no desire to be forced to learn a lot of computer technology just to change the IP address, not to mention that for cross-border access, many methods are not secure enough, in general, VPN is the best tool to change the IP address, here are some of the advantages of VPN as a tool to change the IP address to Australia:

Visit the local website of Australia

Many local websites in Australia have geographical restrictions that restrict foreign visitors, and if you happen to be away from home for work or study and want to access the content of your favorite website in real time, you will need VPN to change your IP address to Australia.

East to use

This is an advantage of VPNs over other methods, although there are many tutorials on the web about how to change the IP address of your device, but each one is complicated, you need to know a whole lot of proper nouns, modify a whole lot of data that you don't recognize, but using a VPN is very simple, just download and register, then click to connect to the VPN server for Australia, and you can immediately start enjoying all kinds of content on Australian websites.

Safe to use

In addition to helping users change their IP address, VPNs have many additional features. VPNs strive to provide users with safer and faster Internet services. With a VPN, you have a web accelerator, privacy tools, ad blockers, and a global IP address of your choice.

How to get Australian IP address anywhere with free unlimited VPN?

Although a VPN is the best tool for changing your IP address to Australia, not every VPN tool provides users with the most effective, secure and fastest VPN service. There are also many bad products in the VPN market, and some VPNs not only fail to help users change their IP addresses, but also sell the collected user data to third-party websites or hackers, making the security of users' personal information more dangerous. So, what is the best VPN for Australia? After our testing of numerous mainstream VPNs in the market, we recommend the latest VPN service for 2022 - Sonics VPN, a free unlimited VPN.

![free vpn service - sonics vpn logo](/uploads/sonics_vpn_logo_black_96615993f0.png “change ip address to austrilia with sonics vpn)

Why we chose Sonics VPN to change IP address to Australia?

Sonics VPN is a secure, fast and free VPN proxy for users. Not only can you hide your real IP address, but you can also choose the best server according to your needs, so that you can remain anonymous on the network, keep your personal information private, unblock geo-restrictions, and freely access major websites and applications around the world. No matter where you are, you can visit websites of your country. Sonics VPN makes you enjoy super-fast and stable web surfing.

The features of Sonics VPN:

Global Servers - Sonics VPN provides users with more than 10,000 servers covering more than 40 countries and regions around the world, including Australia. Sonics VPN helps users hide their real IP addresses from malicious programs or hackers accessing users' private information based on their real IP addresses by providing new IP addresses.

DNS Leak Protection - Helps you understand if your network traffic is in a completely secure and private state. A DNS leak is a security breach in which your Internet access records are sent to your Internet Service Provider's (ISP) default DNS server. Sonics VPN provides a dedicated DNS server where all your information is transmitted over an encrypted tunnel.

Free Unlimited Access - Sonics VPN offers free unlimited fast Internet access, allowing users to watch online movies and videos and streaming content at will. If you often experience watching videos that suddenly start buffering or are always loading, then be sure to use Sonics VPN. Sonics VPN helps users speed up broadband and let you enjoy free unlimited VPN network services.

Split Tunneling-Sonics VPN provides users with Split Tunneling, which can separate the user's Internet traffic and send part of it through a VPN-encrypted professional tunnel, and the other part is routed through a separate tunnel on the open network, usually splitting the channel allows the user to choose which programs to protect and which to connect to.

How to setup Sonics VPN on your device?

How to use VPN service for Australia on your device? Using a VPN service is very simple and convenient, so I'll present you how to setup Sonics VPN on your device, then you can surf online with Australian IP address.

Step1: Download free unlimited Sonics VPN on your device (Support Windows, iOS, Android).

Step2: Open Sonics VPN, if you don't have special requirements for the location, just want to access the web page through a secure high-speed VPN tunnel, just click the button on the main interface, you can unblock the geo-restrictions, access all your favorite foreign websites.

Change IP address to Australia with Sonics VPN

Step3: If you want to visit local Australian websites, you need to find server for Australia on the server list first, and then tap the button of connection, now you can freely access these Australian websites without geo-restrictions.

vpn for ios, android, windows to change ip address to australia


How to change IP address to Australia? Now it seems that VPNs are the best choice for newbies, not only do they help users get an Australian IP address, but they also speed up the network to give users free access to foreign websites without any delays and buffers. Among the many VPN products, I recommend Sonics VPN the most, which is the latest VPN product in 2022, but is popular for its large number of servers and safe service. Sonics VPN is a trustworthy VPN product that not only prohibits hackers and websites from accessing user browsing history and data to protect users' online security but also promises not to access any user's personal information. Download it now and have a try.

Download Sonics VPN to unblock global entertainments and enjoy fast, safe & private online surfing the Internet.