How to Get a Spanish IP Address with Best Free VPN?

How to change my location to Spain? The answer is a free VPN for Spain. This article will introduce a best free VPN for Spain and tell you how to set your location to Spain.

Updated at2022/11/28Arya Munoz

how to change my location to spain

How can I access Telecinco, ATRE, Movistar which are local video sites in Spain? Recently, Spanish video sites have been loved by people all over the world due to the output of various high-quality series, but unfortunately, sites like Movistar only allow access from IPs from Spain, and if you are an IP address outside Spain, you will not have the opportunity to access these sites. So, now we have a new question, how to change my location to Spain? As a newcomer to computer technology, the best choice is to use a VPN that balances security and speed.

Use a free fast VPN to change location to Spain is very easy. This guide will explain why you need a VPN to change your location to Spain and how to quickly and easily get a Spanish IP address using best free VPN - Sonics VPN.

Why do we need a free VPN to change location to Spain?

When we are not in Spain, a VPN is the best option to change our location to Spain. Because the best video sites in Spain strictly prohibit foreign IP addresses from accessing, using a VPN for Spain is a great necessity. Why should we use a VPN to get a Spanish IP address? Here's why:

Access local servers when abroad If you are a Spanish but are abroad for work or study, how do you access the local website? Because in addition to video sites, some official platforms in Spain also prohibit foreign IP access, such as BBVA, so whether you are not in Spain for work, study or tourism, it is convenient to use a VPN to get a Spanish IP address.

Unblock restricted contents For reasons of efficiency, some companies and students prohibit their students or workers from accessing some websites. As long as you connect to a public network, everything you do is monitored by the ISPs, and ISPs can also limit the number of websites you can access, so use a VPN to change your IP address can help you unblock restrictions.

Easy to use An important advantage of VPNs is that they are simple enough for beginners compared to other ways to change your IP address. Not only is it simple to use, the VPN also supports real-time access and chat without lag, and there will be no lag due to cross-border access to foreign websites.

Access to Streaming of Spain Spanish streaming platforms are popular with a large audience due to their excellent content output, Movistar, Telecinco, ATRE and Netflix Spain, etc., these sites only allow access from local Spanish IP addresses, if you want to watch your favorite matches and TV series in real time, you can access these sites through Spanish servers with a free VPN.

How to get a Spanish IP address with best free VPN-Sonics VPN?

There are many VPN tools that have servers for Spain, but if you want to have the best online experience, it's not enough to have servers for Spain, we also have to consider whether these servers are safe and fast enough to support our daily tasks such as streaming, torrenting, gaming, and most importantly, being able to watch videos or matches in real time without lag. Of course, privacy is also important for surfing the Internet. So, a good VPN for Spain should be one that offers at least one high-quality server, can break through Spain's local websites, has network speeds that are not affected by cross-border access, is secure, and is compatible with multiple devices. Combining the previous basic requirements for VPN for Spain, I recommend the best free Sonics VPN.

Sonics VPN - Fast & Unlimited

Access to the Internet

  • Breakthrough the speed limit on network connection
  • Private and safe online surfing
  • Global streaming, gaming, downloading, social networks services

Why we chose Sonics VPN to change location to Spain?

Change IP address

Sonics VPN helps switch and hide your real IP address. 10000+ IP addresses from 40+ locations worldwide for you to choose. No matter where you are, you can access your favorite content on Spanish websites just need to connect to Sonics VPN server for Spain. In addition to Spain, you can also visit websites in other countries of the world with free unlimited bandwidth.

Speed up Internet connection

Dedicated servers for videos, games, social platforms and torrents downloading to ensure blazing-fast and improved connections. Sonics VPN is committed to providing customers with the best online experience, its fast VPN connection can eliminate the delay and lag caused by cross-border visit.

Unlock global entertainment

Bypass geo-restrictions and stream global entertainment content with Sonics VPN, enjoy the unblocked access to your favorite websites, movies, TV shows, music, games, and etc. Just download and select a server for the country you want to visit, such as VPN server for Spain, and you can enjoy your favorite videos and games without any restrictions.

Encrypted and protected connections

Encrypt network traffic, protect internet connection, prevent personal data leakage caused by malicious interception. Unlike many VPN products, which not only fail to provide a fast network access, but also leak users' personal information, Sonics not only promises no logs, but also does not allow any hackers and third parties to access users' personal information and data.

Avoid annoying pop-up ads

Filter out spam messages and ads, enjoy a clean web surfing experience and additionally improve page loading speed. Sonics VPN. Help users hide their real IP addresses and encrypt their browsing history, so that website owners and hackers cannot deliver a variety of targeted ads based on users' personal information, not only to protect users from information bombardment, but also to prevent users from malicious and phishing websites to be deceived.

How to use Sonic VPN to get a Spanish IP address?

Now we know how convenient it is to use a VPN to change your location to Spain, but many people don't know exactly how to install a VPN on their devices. Don't worry, in this section, we'll tell how to install and use a VPN on your device in order to get a Spanish IP address.

1.Download free Sonics VPN for your devices (support iOS, Android, Windows)

2.Open the software registration and log in, select the server in the server list in the country you want to access, such as Spain.

Sonics VPN with Spain IP address

  1. Click the Connect button and you'll immediately be connected to a server in Spain, and now you can access local websites in Spain as you like.


How do I set my location to Spain? Using a VPN makes everything easy. Sonics VPN help to get a Spanish IP address, in addition, you can get fast and unlimited Internet access, protected personal privacy and data, no pop-up ads and surveillance network environment, just download Sonics VPN for Spain, you can get the best Internet experience like mentioned above, try it now.

Download Sonics VPN to unblock global entertainments and enjoy fast, safe & private online surfing the Internet.