How to Get A Canadian IP Address from Anywhere with A VPN

Knowing how to get a Canadian IP address can really be quite helpful because there are many geoblocked websites that are only accessible to Canadians, such as CraveTV, and local streaming services like these. Let's look at the best method for obtaining a Canadian IP address and the list of dos and don'ts you should be aware of.

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how to change ip address to canadian


If you're living outside Canada, chances are that you will not be able to access regional Canadian internet sites and solutions. The material distribution and also licensing implications limit individuals from accessing regional Canadian material while they are taking a trip abroad. This additionally includes banking solutions, communication apps as well as even more.

That being said, if you can get a hold of a Canadian IP address, you would not have to handle any one of that while living abroad. By simply using the most effective VPN for Canada, which supplies Canadian servers, you can promptly get access to streaming solutions like Netflix Canada, Rogers NFL Live, TSN Direct, CTV, etc, and also local Canadian banks such as RBC, CIBC, and extra. So, how to get a Canadian IP address? This article will tell you a easy guide.

Why should I get a Canadian IP Address?

There are numerous good reasons you should be utilizing a Canadian IP address if you are taking a trip overseas. A few of the essential advantages include:

1. Accessing Regional Canadian Websites

Lots of neighborhood websites as well as the internet services, such as streaming networks, are just obtainable in Canada. These consist of Netflix Canada, CraveTV, Showcase Television, OLN TELEVISION, Global TV, and also extra.

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If you attempt to see these websites from a non-Canada IP address, you will possibly be impeded by an error message. Therefore, you must use a Canadian IP to access local material.

2. Get Services and Products for Cheap

Many services and products, such as flight tickets, can be gotten for lower expenses in some nations contrasted to others. You could be able to get affordable ticket prices with a VPN if you surf with a Canadian IP address.

An example of acquiring an item for inexpensive is GTA V. The price of GTV in Mexico is 599 Mexican pesos. For that reason, you can merely link to a VPN and also obtain GTA V and also various other games at a cheaper cost.

  1. Change your Digital Identity

On the web, customers are recognized by their IP addresses. Every nation makes use of various sequences of numbers to represent its location. Because of this, if you utilize a Canadian IP address while residing in Mexico, you will appear to browse from Canada. This can boost your security and privacy online while maintaining your unknown online.

how do I set my location in canada

Is It Safe To Use A VPN To Get A Canada IP?

How do I set my location in canada? Is that safe? Yes! Utilizing a VPN is not just a risk-free way to get a Canadian IP address, it's likewise the best means to be online in any scenario.

Utilizing a VPN guards your online task against your ISP, Wi-Fi drivers, federal governments, and also various other 3rd parties. This can lower the amount of targeted advertising you obtain and also protect others from profiting from your browsing background.

What Should I Look For in a VPN?

What to Seek When Picking a VPN icon, there are many VPN suppliers and it can be tough to determine which one to sign up for. If you're not sure about how to change IP address to Canadian as well as the leading three detailed above, you can constantly do your research study. Below are a few of the most crucial indicate think about when picking a VPN.

  • Web server places

To get a Canadian IP, you'll need Canadian VPN web servers. Sonics VPN, for example, provides hundreds of servers in Canada alone. The quantity of servers is necessary too, as enhanced need might slow your link if many users connect to a single web server at once.

  • Unblocking possibilities

Depending upon what you want to use your Canadian VPN for, you might require various suppliers. Sonics VPN is excellent for streaming. The former has several of the very best connection rates, while the latter has committed VPN servers for streaming. For example, you can conveniently find how to get a Canadian IP address if you desire!

  • No information logging plans

When you're utilizing a VPN, you anticipate personal privacy, yet several free VPNs have been known to maintain logs and also hand them to the authorities. That's why it is essential to make sure you obtain how to change IP address to Canadian with a VPN that has a "no logging" plan.

  • Connection speeds as well as security

Your connection speed might range between service providers and also areas. Free VPNs are commonly slower than paid VPNs. In addition to the simple rate, security is necessary below as well: reaching a peak of 800Mbps isn't much use if your stream delays considerably at various other times.

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Top 4 Reasons To Choose Sonics VPN

Change IP address

Sonics VPN helps change as well as conceal your real IP address. 10000+ IP addresses from 40+ locations worldwide for you to select. You can also download a guide from our website to know how to get a Canadian IP address.

Unlock global enjoyment

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Bypass censorship

Whether you're traveling or residing in a censored country, Sonics VPN helps bypass the censorship and allows you openly access the web from any kind of country worldwide.

Keep online privacy secure

Hide your online identity as well as avoid your online privacy data from being accumulated by sites and advertisers.

Speed up the internet link

Dedicated servers for videos, games, social platforms, and torrent downloading to make certain blazing-fast and improved connections.

Get a Canada IP address in 5 Easy steps

Adhere to these 5 easy steps to get a Canadian IP address in 2022:

  1. Sign up for a trusted VPN service (Sonics VPN is our top option).

how to get canadian ip address

  1. Download its app on your device.

  2. Introduce the VPN application and sign in.

  3. Attach to a Canadian server.

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  1. When linked, visit any type of Canadian sites, such as CraveTV, and also take pleasure in watching any kind of TV show using a Canadian IP address.
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The Conclusion

Using a VPN to get a Canadian IP address indicates you'll have the ability to access blocked Canadian sites. You'll likewise take advantage of boosted safety as well as personal privacy online. Canada has the third-biggest Netflix collection in the world after Japan as well as the U.S., which is great news for streamers. Our selection for the very best VPN for a Canada IP is Sonics VPN. However, you can also know how to get a Canadian IP address and find more info on our official website.

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