How to get a Hongkong IP address in 2023

You can effortlessly get a Hongkong IP address with a VPN service. It will not only bypass the geo-limits but also encrypt personal privacy.

Updated at2023/02/08Zoya Pratt

How to get a Hongkong IP address in 2023

If you often deal with the Internet and computers, you may be familiar with the IP address. If you just use the internet to browse websites and join in social network activities, you may also have learned about the IP address. What the IP address is for? It represents the Internet Protocol, which reflects the address of a network or device. Simply speaking, it is just like your email address. To send you an email, others need to know your address. Similarly, to receive and send information on the internet, the ISP (Internet Service Provider) needs the user’s IP address.

The IP address is unique; every network and device has its own IP address. So, is there a way to get an IP address of other regions? The post here focuses on how to get a Hongkong IP address. You are in the right place if you are just looking toward it.

Why need a Hongkong IP address

Netizens may search for a virtual Hongkong IP address for several reasons. We have listed several main reasons and benefits to use a Hongkong IP address below:

For one thing, if you are in Hongkong regions right now, using a virtual Hongkong IP address can help you hide your real IP address. As it is known to all, the IP address identifies your real location. Others can locate your position by obtaining the IP address you use on the internet. If the IP address is stolen by hackers and other criminals, you are possibly in a dangerous situation. Therefore, a virtual Hongkong Ip address can keep you safe online.

For the other thing, people in other regions may not be permitted to visit several websites and platforms in Hongkong. For example, people in several countries cannot watch TVB programs. To bypass those geographical restrictions, you can change your IP address to the Hongkong IP address.

In addition, if you are on a business trip abroad and eager to visit local websites in Hongkong, you are not able to use the IP address in the current region. With a Hongkong IP address, you can remotely visit local sites and platforms.

How to change to a Hongkong IP address with a VPN

If you are just looking for a method to change your IP address to Hongkong, you can have a stab at the VPN services. They are effective tools that allow you to bypass the geographical restrictions of websites worldwide. Compared with other software, which also provides virtual IP addresses from other regions, VPNs are safer and easier to operate.

Sonics VPN

When it comes to the best VPN tool, the Sonics VPN is a brilliant option for users to pick. It gives you multiple options for Hongkong IP addresses and servers. Generally, it offers 10000+ virtual IP addresses worldwide, which can bypass nearly all website restrictions. The completely free VPN services are not reliable to use. Their providers may leak your data for making money. In comparison, a cost-effective and safe VPN tool is the best choice for most netizens.

The Sonics VPN provides a free trial for all new users. Similar to the premium one, the free trial version can use all its servers and virtual IP addresses. As for its pro version, it is cost-effective. Beneficially, it provides both PC and mobile versions. You can connect to the network with it on Windows, Android, and iPhone simultaneously. The user interface and operations of Sonics VPN are so simple and easy to grab all things for new users. With simple clicks, you can connect to the virtual servers and visit the blocked websites anywhere and anytime.

How to change IP address with Sonics VPN on Windows

  • Step 1. Download and install the software from the Sonics official website.

  • Step 2. Launch the software and select a server from the Hongkong region.

  • Step 3. Hit the connect button to apply the VPN tool on your computer.

Change IP Address with Proxy Servers in Sonics VPN

How to change IP address with Sonics VPN on Android and iPhone

Step 1. Download the apk from its official website or other authoritative platforms, like Google Play and Apple Store.

Step 2. Open the app. Add it to the configuration and select a server in Hongkong to connect.

Step 3. Hit the Connect button, then browse the site you want to visit.

download sonics vpn for windows, ios, android

How to get a Hongkong address by Proxy services

Aside from VPN tools, several Proxy services are also feasible to change your IP address to a virtual one. The working principle of VPN and Proxy is quite similar. Proxy servers are like an intermediary between users and target websites. By using a virtual server that is allowed by the target websites, you can easily bypass geographical restrictions.

Another benefit of a proxy server is that it can hide your real IP address and keep you anonymous on the internet. However, different from VPNs, Proxy servers can’t encrypt your traffic data. Therefore, sometimes it is still not safe on the network with proxy software. In addition, the Proxy server has relatively poorer network stability than a VPN tool.

To get a Hongkong IP address, you can use the Proxify software. It is a versatile proxy server for Windows, Mac, and Linux. With it, you can get thousands of virtual IP addresses from 65 countries and various regions. Therefore, it allows you to access nearly all major websites and platforms from all over the world. Its pro version costs highly ($100-$150 per month), but fortunately, it gives users a free trial version to experience. Proxify is easy to operate. Just install the software to your device and select a Hongkong virtual IP address to connect, and then visit the target websites.

The Final Words

Both VPN tools and Proxy servers can effectively change the IP address to Hongkong. Certainly, there are also other ways to get a Hongkong IP address. But in contrast, VPN tools are proficient in protecting data and hiding privacy online. Meanwhile, to use a VPN, you can get a faster network connection, which is indeed crucial when browsing pages, watching programs, playing games, etc. Install the recommended VPN tool to your device to enter a safer network world.

Download Sonics VPN to unblock global entertainments and enjoy fast, safe & private online surfing the Internet.