How to Get an Armenian IP Address in 2023

Need to get an Armenian IP address to bypass the geographical restrictions? Sonics VPN is a good option. It provides numerous servers in Armenia.

Updated at2023/02/08Zoya Pratt

how to get a armenian ip address

IP address reflects a person’s location. Generally, we need to provide an address to receive and send express. Similarly, when we connect to the network world, we need to offer an address to receive and accept messages and other information. This kind of address is called an IP address. Everyone’s device and network have a specific IP address. With it, the Internet Service Provider can identify the user’s position. The reason why we need to get an IP address from another place is that some websites are geographically blocked.

Take Armenia as an example. For copyright protection aims and other reasons, some sites in Armenia cannot be accessed by people from some other countries. Don’t worry if you want to access programs and sites in Armenia. Solutions here can help you get an Armenia IP address and browse anything in it without limits.

Why Change to an Armenian Address

As mentioned, there are geographical restrictions on several websites on the Internet. If you are in the following cases, then you probably need to change your IP address to Armenia.

Your country is restricted by specific Armenia sites.

Some sites will set up several limits for users abroad, like YouTube, Sling TV, Dazn, etc. If your region is on the restricted list, you cannot visit the target website. Using a virtual IP address, you can easily bypass the restrictions and enjoy any content on the site.

You are in a network-regulated region.

Some countries will regulate or limit online activities, especially when people visit abroad websites. If the target website in Armenia is blocked by your government, you can also try to change the real IP address to cheat the ISP (Internet Service Provider). But you have to notice that in several countries, using tools like VPN to bypass geographical network limits is illegal. You mustn’t work on any criminal activities by changing your IP address.

You are an Armenian, but in other countries now.

Suppose you went to other countries for business, study, etc., and are eager to visit social media platforms and other websites in Armenia; you need to get an Armenian IP address, especially in those restricted countries.

How to Change My Location to Armenia

VPN is the best tool to change IP address, even if you are a novice to Internet Protocols, etc. With a VPN service, in a few steps, you can change your IP address to others. The principle of this kind of tool is that it uses virtual IP addresses from other countries and regions to deceive the target website and the ISP. The Network is interleaved and complex. While the VPN tool is just like an intermediary between users and the target website. With this specific channel, you can secretly browse any sites, even though there are geographical restrictions. Moreover, VPN tools are effective in protecting personal privacy on the Internet. It encrypts all the traffic data you generated online, and no one can access these data except yourself and the VPN service provider. We’d better avoid using entirely free VPN services, for its provider is prone to sell your data to earn money.

Best VPN Service to Get an Armenian IP Address

Sonics VPN

Selecting the best VPN service is time-consuming. You need to consider the program security, price, network connection speed, the number of servers, etc. Compared with dozens of VPN tools, we’d love to recommend you this Sonics VPN. It is outstanding among various VPN services in the market since it provides 10000+ virtual IP addresses and 5000+ servers from about 165 countries. That is to say, with it, you can effortlessly change your IP address to Armenia. It also has an impressive network connection speed. What is worth to be mentioned is that it optimizes several servers for some streaming platforms and game-play programs. You can enjoy a smooth network connection without any stuck and stopped.

As for its price, it charges reasonably and also gives you a free trial version per month. The free version is not short of features as the pro one. You can experience it first and then determine whether to subscribe to it or not. Another benefit that needs to be mentioned is that it is compatible with both computers and mobile phones. Subscribe once, then you can use it on Windows, Android, and iPhone simultaneously. It allows you to log in with the same account on multiple devices.

How to Get an Armenian IP Address with Sonics VPN

Step1. Download and install the VPN tool on your device (Windows, Android, and iPhone are compatible).

Step2. Choose a server that is allowed in the Armenia area and connect to it. Open the target website to browse. Launch the tool again and switch to another server if it fails.

change location to armenia with sonics vpn for windows

What Can Sonics VPN Do Else

Except for bypassing restrictions, Sonics VPN can also bring many other benefits when surfing the Internet.

Use public networks safely

Actually, public networks are not safe to use. It is accessible to everyone, including criminals and hackers as well. If you send or receive crucial messages using the network, you may put yourself in a dangerous situation. Sonics VPN can encrypt the traffic data between your device and the public network, protecting others to access personal data.

Hide your online activities

The VPN will keep yourself secret online. All the data, such as search history, browsed pages, messages and other information are private. Others cannot easily get those data.

Speed up the network connection

When connecting to sites from other countries, the network connection issue often occurs. Good servers in a VPN tool, like Sonics VPN, can help you speed up the connection and provide a smoother online experience.

The Final Words

Now you may understand why and how to get an Armenian IP address with a VPN service. In the intently connected network world, we inevitably need to search for content from websites from other countries. A great [VPN tool](vpn free online) with multiple virtual IP addresses can help you visit any site worldwide. Among those VPN services, Sonics VPN is in the top tier, which you can rely on.

Download Sonics VPN to unblock global entertainments and enjoy fast, safe & private online surfing the Internet.