How to Get a Azerbaijan IP Address from Anywhere

How to get a Azerbaijan IP address? With Sonics VPN for Azerbaijan, you can access Azerbaijan websites for free.

Updated at2022/11/28Lara Finch

how to get a azerbaijan ip address

I can't access Azerbaijani websites abroad anymore! It may seem strange, but it is normal for Azerbaijanis, who have been voted one of the least free countries by netizens, and Azerbaijan has banned any foreign IP address from accessing Azerbaijani websites for copyright and security reasons.

If you are abroad for work, study or tourism, then you will find that you cannot access any websites in Azerbaijan, including your bank account, which is really distressing for many people who have to go abroad. Unlike other countries, which restrict access to some banking and government platforms, Azerbaijan prohibits access to all foreign IP addresses. If you want to use your bank account or want to watch local Azerbaijani series or movies, then you need to obtain an Azerbaijani IP address.

How to get an Azerbaijan IP address? I recommend using a VPN for Azerbaijan, which is the easiest and fastest way to get an IP address. This article will introduce how to get a Azerbaijan IP address with VPN and how to install VPN.

Why we need a VPN for Azerbaijan?

Changing your IP address sounds simple, but without the help of any tools, you may be warned by some network supervisory authorities for improper operation, and it is difficult for newbies to learn computer technology, so using a VPN is the easiest way, and using a VPN has some of the following benefits:

Privacy and Security - Compared to other methods of obtaining an Azerbaijani IP address, a VPN can provide users with professional privacy protection. Encrypting not only your access channel, but also your personal information, even hackers or third-party websites can hardly obtain your personal information through your device IP. If you directly change the IP address of your device yourself, it is likely that the website owner or hacker will find the vulnerability due to improper operation, so as to obtain your browsing history and privacy.

Ease of Use - VPN is a professional web service tool dedicated to making it easiest for users to change their IP address. There is no need for tedious steps or expensive fees, just download a VPN, register and log in, and then you can choose the server you need to connect.

Bypass geo-restrictions - VPN provides a professional service to unblock geographical restrictions and helps users hide their real IP addresses, then with global servers give you the freedom to access all websites in Azerbaijan, including banks and Azerbaijani Netflix, no matter where you are.

Value for money - using a VPN is the most cost-effective way to change your IP address. For the least you can get access to servers in many countries, and VPNs are a mature market, which also ensures that you don't pay high prices for monopolies.

How to get a Azerbaijan IP Address with Sonics VPN?

As mentioned above, using a VPN is the easiest and fastest way, so which VPN is the best? In recent years, a lot of brands have emerged in the VPN market, each with its own characteristics, and it is difficult for users to make the best choice based on some advertising descriptions. To help you choose the best VPN tool, we tested the most popular VPN tools on the market and recommended Sonics VPN for you. As a VPN tool, the most basic functions should be network acceleration, IP hiding, privacy protection, Sonics VPN has superior performance in these aspects, but also provides users with additional functions to make the Internet experience more perfect.

Sonics VPN - Fast & Unlimited

Access to the Internet

  • Breakthrough the speed limit on network connection
  • Private and safe online surfing
  • Global streaming, gaming, downloading, social networks services

Why choose Sonics VPN for Azerbaijan?

Global Servers

Sonics VPN provides users with more than 10,000 servers covering more than 40 countries and regions around the world, especially in the United States, which has many mainstream streaming and social platforms, and you can even choose an IP address in a certain part of the United States. Sonics VPN helps users hide their real IP addresses from malicious programs or hackers accessing users' private information based on their real IP addresses by providing new IP addresses.

Kill Switch

Just click the button and you can get military-grade protection. VPN Kill Switch is a security measure that prevents your data from being leaked, prevents your settings from establishing an unprotected connection, and once your device's connection to the server is disconnected, Kill Switch will block the device's access to the Internet, thus protecting your personal data from external exposure.

Split Tunneling

Sonics VPN provides users with Split Tunneling capabilities, which can separate the user's Internet traffic and send part of it through a VPN-encrypted professional tunnel, and the other part is routed through a separate tunnel on the open network, usually splitting the channel allows the user to choose which programs to protect and which to connect to.

Secure Access

Sonics VPN encrypts your data transmission channels and provides you with a secure and fast Internet access, allowing you to access your favorite content safely and quickly without any risk of data and information leakage. No hacker or third party can access your real personal information through a virtual IP address.

How to Setup Sonics VPN on your device?

Step 1: Download VPN for free - Sonics VPN can be downloaded and installed for free, and is available in Windows, iOS, and Android versions for users to choose from, supporting multiple devices to be online at the same time.

Step2: Log in - After free download and installation on your device, you can register and log in to your Sonics VPN account. In addition, Sonics VPN promises to users that no logs, that is, it will not access and store any user's personal information without the user's permission, and fully respect the user's privacy.

Step 3: Choose the server you want - Sonics VPN has 10,000+ servers in more than 40 countries and regions around the world, including Azerbaijan, open the server list, choose a server in Azerbaijan, or you can also choose a dedicated server for streaming or media, such as Netflix.

how to get a azerbaijan ip address

** Step4: Connect and Access** - By clicking the Connect button next to the server list, you'll be able to connect to the VPN and access your favorite websites and content freely.

connect to azerbaijan vpn server


How do I set my location to Azerbaijan? Using a VPN makes everything easy. A VPN can help you hide your real address, improve your internet speed, bypass geo-restrictions, and access all your favorite websites without having to go abroad. Out of the many VPNs, I recommend Sonics VPN the most - a simple, fast and professional VPN tool. Sonics VPN makes your international access fast and easy with global servers and professional security. Download it now and have a try.

Download Sonics VPN to unblock global entertainments and enjoy fast, safe & private online surfing the Internet.