What is Split Tunneling VPN and How to Use It

Need to know what is split tunneling vpn and how to use it? Obtain the best VPN service with split tunneling below.

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split tenneling vpn

With the burgeoning of technology, the network is also updating and iterating all the time. Network security is an inevitable issue in this Internet era. To make your online data traffic safer and hide sensitive online activities, you can try to use the split tunneling VPN tools. You may be unfamiliar with this concept if you are a novice to the network world. Here, we will elaborate on what is split tunneling and how to use split tunneling VPN in daily life. View and try if you just are wondering how to make yourself safer on the Internet.

What is Split Tunneling

Split tunneling is a network architecture in which traffic can be directly transferred from a virtual private network (VPN) client to the corporate network and linked to the Internet. It can access both the Internet and the corporate network simultaneously. To be brief, split tunneling is the process of routing only selected devices and application activity through a proxy IP while routing the rest of the devices through a standard network connection.

Usages and Benefits of Split Tunneling

Stay safe without blocking access to your favorite sites

Some media services prevent people from accessing their content through proxy IPs. With split tunneling, you don't have to choose between maintaining online security and watching your favorite shows. Just select the streaming apps and devices you want to exclude from the proxy IP tunnel; they will use your standard network to access the websites while remaining the rest of your activity encrypted.

Hide sensitive activities without losing internet speed

This issue varies depending on the proxy IP you use for everyday internet connection. Since the proxy IP routes activity through another network, data has to flow slightly further in and out of your device, sometimes slowing down the activity. That's why it's important to research the internet speed available through proxy IP before signing up. With split tunneling, you can maintain the security of the proxy IP for more sensitive online activities. Then, you can perform less sensitive tasks over your home or public network.

Protect your preferred devices and applications with trusted proxy IPs

Your data security and personal privacy are important. Using split tunneling through a trusted proxy IP is one of the best ways to protect your data privacy online while allowing you to access other media over your home or public network.

Split Tunnel vs Full Tunnel

Full tunneling VPN services are more common in the market. In contrast, the full tunnel is more secure because it encrypts all your activities online and the traffic you generate. However, the traffic is all traveled through the VPN server, so the full tunnel will also cause the server to load slower. When using split tunnels, only some of the traffic is sent through the VPN, so the pressure on the headquarters infrastructure is less and the network propagation speed is faster. In summary, it is the wisest choice to transmit sensitive data through a VPN and transmit normal traffic with a normal network. This not only ensures the security of sensitive data but also speeds up the network connection.

Best VPN with Split Tunneling

How to use the split tunneling feature in daily Internet surfing? Thanks to several VPN services, you can enjoy a safer and faster network browsing experience. However, not all the VPN tools in the market have the split tunneling feature. To obtain it, you can try this Sonics VPN. Its Android version allows you to enjoy the blocked sites and perform normal activities simultaneously. The built-in split tunneling feature allows you to freely choose the applications or websites that should be routed through the VPN.

sonics vpn for android

There are various accountable reasons to pick Sonics VPN. In the first place, it provides numerous virtual servers and IP addresses from all over the world. Totally, there are 10000+ IP addresses and 5000+ servers to choose from. In second place, it encrypts online activities effectively. No one else, even the government and other agencies can obtain your traffic data. Your online activities are secret and safe. Furthermore, it can speed up the network. It offers dedicated servers for videos, game platforms, video streaming platforms, and torrent downloading to ensure blazing-fast and improved web connection. It provides you with a free trial to access all its features. The free version also gives you unlimited traffic and bandwidth, letting you enjoy a fast connection to the internet.

How to Use VPN with Split Tunneling on an Android Phone

Step 1. Install VPN on your phone

Download and install the Sonics VPN on your Android phone from Google Play or the official website: https://www.sonicsvpn.com/vpn-android.

Step 2. Set up the split tunneling

Run the app and select the applications or websites that should be routed through the Sonics VPN.

Step 3. Connect to the VPN service

Choose a server to connect to and go to the website or platform to check whether it works.

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The Bottom Line

You may know what the split tunneling VPN is after scanning. Between the split tunneling VPN and full tunneling VPN, the former is more outstanding. Split tunneling VPN not only takes into account the problem of network security but also solves the problem of slow network transmission, which can be said to be the best network assistant when surfing the Internet.

However, VPN services with split tunneling usually cost highly. After our careful selection among dozens of split tunneling VPN tools in the industry, I recommend you use this Sonics VPN. Not only is it reasonably charged, but it is very effective. It provides all users a seven-day free trial. While the free trial version contains all advanced features. You can give it a try first and then decide whether to upgrade to its long-term version. If you need to improve the security of your personal information on the network or bypass geographical restrictions on the Internet, then a VPN service is essential.

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