Static IP Address VS Dynamic IP Address

Get to know the differences between static IP address and dynamic IP address and know what type of IP address is best for you. Stay tuned!

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static ip and dynamic ip

The concepts of static IP address and dynamic IP address have caught many people in trouble. In this very article, we are trying to explain what they are respectively and what their differences are. Reading through the article, you’ll find all the answers as well as an easy way to change the IP addresses for all of your digital devices.

Static IP address and dynamic IP address belong to IP address. They are two branches of IP address, with some differences and advantages. Let’s check the differences and advantages to see what is the best choice for you.

Part 1 - What Is An IP Address?

IP address is made for identifying location and network interface, following IPv4 protocol or IPv6 protocol. It’s a sequence of numerical label for communication, which goes like, or others. It’s a 32-bit or 128-bit number like a human’s ID that tells other communication devices who this is. An IP address is identical across the whole world wide web. When you surf the Internet, your browsing data shall obey Internet Protocol to transfer and retrieve.

Part 2 - Two Types of IP Address

As it’s mentioned above, IP address is identical across the world wide web. The majority of IP addresses are owned by Internet service providers. Each ISP has a pool of IP addresses to run business, and they get the full rights to decide how to manage and allocate these IP addresses.

An ISP merchant will separate the IP addresses in their pool into 2 groups - one group is static IP addresses for users who require a constant IP number, and the other group is dynamic IP addresses for average Joe netizens who demand less for a constant IP address.

What Is a Static IP Address?

Static IP addresses are more expensive to rent from ISP, and it’s reserved for businesses who need an unchangeable, constant IP address. A static IP address will be allocated to only one client for a period of time. Whether the client uses it or not, this very static IP address will not be used for another people or another intention again.

What Is a Dynamic IP Address?

Dynamic IP addresses are those IPs mainly used for home users or physical stores. These groups of people need a simple online service in a cost-effective pricing, so ISP have collected a number of IP addresses in a pool for these users.

Whoever wants to go online, the ISP router will allocate a random free IP address from the IP address pool to him. Then, the user can use the dynamic IP to surf, stream or get social online. When he goes offline, the ISP router will get back his IP address and put it back to the IP address pool. This IP address will wait to be allocated to another client. This is how dynamic IP address works.

Difference Between Static IP Address and Dynamic IP Address

Fairly speaking, no one can tell whether an IP address is static or dynamic by just looking at the IP numerical label. Only the ISP merchant will know which IP is static, and which is dynamic by checking their database and IP address pool.

Static IP address is reserved for website hosts, download hosts, and other server hosts. Static IP with an unchangeable IP number is ensured with speed and stable connection. It’s reasonable with a high price tag.

Dynamic IP address has dominated the Internet with a cheap pricing and affordable connection service. By providing a dynamic IP address pool, more users get the chance to go online. It’s like a CD rent store, when you have 4 CDs and you can rent them to uncountable number of people in different time. Your ISP runs the same business with dynamic IP addresses, and DHCP is the method to allocate and manage dynamic IP addresses.

Part 3 - How to Change Your IP Address?

An IP address contains geographical information and network interface identification. Exposing your real IP to the Internet may leak your privacy and block you from some geo-restricted contents, like Netflix. Therefore, it’s necessary to change your IP address.

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Part 4 - Wrapped It Up

After reading through the article, you probably have gotten some thinking of what a static IP is as well as what a dynamic IP is. More often, we are using the cheaper dynamic IP to surf online and run errands on the Internet. As of static IP addresses, they are reserved for business who need an unchangeable IP address.

It’s quite necessary to change your IP and mask your real information. It’s helpful to bypass hacks and privacy leaks. You can give Sonics VPN a try to change all IP addresses of your home devices or office devices. Try it for free now!>>

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