How to Stream Fubo TV from Any Location [With VPN]

Want to watch Fubo TV outside the US? Read this post, you will get the reason why Fubo TV not working and the easy way to watch Fubo TV with VPN.

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How to Stream Fubo TV with VPN from Any Location

If you found Fubo TV is not available in your location, or Fubo TV not working even with VPN, here you can get the details on how to watch Fubo TV outside the US, and fix Fubo TV not working issue.

For soccer fans or any sports fans, Fubo TV is one of the top television services. It provides the streaming options on your Apple TV, iPhone or iPad. As the best live TV streaming service for sports, you can watch 100+ sporting events.

However, some users reported that Fubo TV is not available in their locations, even not working with VPN. Don’t worry. Keep reading, you can fix Fubo TV not working with VPN and watch Fubo TV from any location with ease.

stream fubo tv with vpn

What is Fubo TV?

On August 4, 2022, Fubo TV said it ended the second quarter of 2022 with 947K subscribers in North America, an increase of 41% year-over-year.

The data from Wiki shows that Fubo TV is widely used now, as one of the best live TV streaming services for sports.

Why Fubo TV is so popular like that? It has the largest number of sports channels with 4K streaming view. It is first focusing on soccer, but developed to over 100 sporting events. Besides, TV shows and movies are also available on Fubo TV. At the same time, Fubo TV provides you with different add-ons to customize your own channels.

Why You Can Not Watch Fubo TV Outsite the US?

Depending on countries, Fubo TV channels are different. For example, US is covered abundant streaming service options, including the base package, 100+ channels, and add-on packages. However, Fubo TV services are only available in United States, Canada, and Spain now. That is to say, it has geo-restrictions. That is why you can not open the webpage and receive the error notification says “Fubo TV content is currently not available in your location”.

can i watch fubo tv outsite us

How Can I Watch Fubo TV Outside the US?

As the above mentioned reason shows, Fubo TV blocks the connection outside the US and Canada. Therefore, you need to bypass geo-restrictions and watch Fubo TV in other locations, like UK, Mexico, etc. That is the reason why Fubo TV needs VPN.

Then, what VPN works with Fubo TV? Now, keep reading and check the best VPN for Fubo TV below. Besides, you can even fix Fubo TV not working with VPN.

1. Best VPN for Fubo TV

To trick location when using Fubo TV, we would like to recommend Sonics VPN here. Because Sonics VPN server is specially optimized for streaming media. Besides, Sonics VPN is designed as a secure, fast and private VPN proxy. It allows you to connect to internet with anonymous account, so your personal information can be private. Most importantly, you can bypass geo-restrictions with it. That’s why you can use it to watch Fubo TV outside the US and canada. Sonics VPN can be applied on your Windows PC and mobile phone that is running Android OS or iOS.

Main features on how can Sonics VPN help you to watch Fubo TV:

  • Bypass geo-restrictions. You can access websites and like Fubo TV services freely.

  • 40+ countries and regions around the world are available.

  • Specially optimized for streaming media with 5000+ high speed VPN.

  • More quicker and securer VPN services.

  • Be private and safe. It has no-log policy, no user data will be recorded or accessed.

  • Ads-blocking and spam-filtering.

  • What’s more, Sonics VPN is available on other video streaming platform like Netflix, Disney+, etc. And, you can use it when you need to post on social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., or play a game on Warzone, Minecraft, etc.

  • Free trial can be downloaded and used for new users. And, you can connect to unlimited devices for any paid pricing plans.

  • 30-day money back guarantee & 7/24 support service.

Steps to watch Fubo TV with Sonics VPN:

Step 1. Download Sonics VPN on your mobile phone or computer. Here we take Windows PC as an example. Once installed, open it. The main interface will be displayed like below.

![Open Sonics VPN on Windows](/uploads/Open_Sonics_VPN_on_Windows_c9176534b3.png "download sonics vpn on windows pc)

Step 2. Swipe right to connect to VPN.

VPN is Connected

Step 3. You can click Switch location to view server list and change to any country.

server list

Step 4. On the main interface, click Menu icon to view Sonics app information or change app settings.

best vpn for fubo tv

2. How to Fix Fubo TV is Not Working with VPN

If you’ve ever found Fubo TV not working even with VPN, please check some solutions as below:

Try to change a different server on VPN. Usually, VPN like Sonics VPN provides various country servers for you. You can switch to another country and use Fubo TV again.

Get an alternative VPN service. There’re different VPN in the market like Sonics VPN, Nord VPN, ExpressVPN, etc. Try them and pick up the one that is most suitable for you.


After reading the post, you may already know many tips & tricks about Fubo TV. For example, what is Fubo TV and the biggest downside of it - can’t watch normally outside of the US and Canada. Then, you can the solutions on how to watch Fubo TV with VPN and what to do when Fubo TV not working at all. Hope this post will help you out of the dilemma. Also, feel free to leave your comment below if you got further solutions and ideas.

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