What is Internet Tracking & How to Avoid it Using a Secure VPN?

What is internet tracking? How to use a secure VPN to avoid internet tracking? Here we present the most secure VPN along with a simple guide to help you use it.

Updated at2022/11/22Hadiqa Holt

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Does this sound familiar to you: You are browsing a website and you stop for a few minutes to read the information about a certain product, and shortly afterwards when you are browsing other pages, some ads or recommendations of the similar product appear.

It almost feels like someone is always watching your online activities. Well, sadly, this is not your illusion because we're all being tracked by the Internet.

But don’t start worrying now, because Internet tracking is actually something that can facilitate our online experience. Only malicious Internet tracking requires our extra attention. Now we will show you all the information about Internet tracking and how to protect your online data with a secure VPN.

What is Internet Tracking?

Internet tracking is the monitoring and analysis of user behavior. The purpose of Internet tracking is to help the website to learn and study users’ behavior to better understand their habits and preferences, so that it can provide a better and more targeted service to each user.

Every keyword you type into your browser for a search, every click you make on a website, and all your browsing history is tracked as a piece of data for websites and browsers to study user behavior and make them, the provider, know better about you, the user.

So let’s keep reading and find out where and what data of yours will be tracked online. It’s more frequent than you thought.

Where & What Data of Ours Will be Tracked Online?

Search Engine

The search engines you use such as Google, Bing, Yahoo are the ones that track you the most. From the moment you open your browser, every keyword you type in the search box, every click you make, even the time you spend on each page, all your browsing behavior will be recorded by the browser.

Do you remember the alert box that pops up every time you click into a new web page to ask permission to access your cookies? That's when the website is trying to get your permission to collect data about your cookies on the browser.

![vpn secure](/uploads/Search_Engine_7ddb93f6be.png “how secure is vpn”)

Social Platform

When you sign up for Facebook, Instagram,Twitter or other social platforms, it always seeks your permission to get your information. These social media keep Internet tracking of you so that they can suggest content that you are more interested in, or suggest people you may know.

This can actually be very helpful, who knows maybe one day you will find your long-lost classmate through Facebook's recommended friends you might know.

Shopping Sites

When you browse a product on Amazon and then exit the detail page, many similar products will be presented to you later. This is what shopping sites do to you through Internet tracking. They use this information to figure out exactly what product you want the most and do their best to present that one to you. It's a funny thing, you think you're the one making the decision, but in fact maybe that's exactly the decision the shopping site wants you to make.

How to Avoid Malicious Internet Tracking?

While Internet tracking makes your surfing experience better, what can you do if you don't feel comfortable with this tracking? What’s worse, there is tons of malicious Internet tracking to steal your online personal information.

You can choose to browse in anonymous mode when using a browser, be more careful when giving sites your third-party cookie authorization, or use a private browser. But none of these seems to be the best solution.This is when a secure VPN can help you better.

You may have doubts about what is secure VPN is and how secure a VPN is. Well, here we explain to you why using a secure VPN is the most effective way to avoid Internet tracking.

A secure VPN prevents the possibility of Internet tracking at the root by encrypting your web browsing activity and changing the geographic location of your IP address. That is to say, a secure VPN gives a disguise to your network information, so even if you are tracked by the Internet, the information tracked is all disguised, which eliminates the possibility of your real information being leaked at the root.

The Most Secure VPN Recommended - Sonics VPN

Now you may ask how to determine vpn security and where to find the most secure VPN?

There are many good VPNs on the market today, but the majority of them require you to pay before you can use it. Finding a VPN that is both secure, reliable and cheap is not an easy task. But you’re in luck today cause here we recommend you a more cost-effective and secure VPN - Sonics VPN.

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Sonics VPN is the most secure VPN that is also fast and free. It’s available for Android/iOS/Windows. This secure VPN helps you to stay anonymous online, keep your personal information private, bypass geo-restrictions and freely access websites and application services in more than 40 countries and regions around the world.

Why you should choose Sonics VPN:

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How to Use a Secure VPN to Protect Your Online safety?

VPN security matters the most when it comes to online security. Now that you know which is the most secure VPN, next we will take Sonics VPN as an example and show you how to install and use this secure VPN to keep your online privacy safe. It’s really simple!

Step 1. Download Sonics VPN

You can search for Sonics VPN in the app store and download it on your phone, or you can download it directly from the official website.

Step 2. Install this secure VPN on your phone

Follow the instructions and install the most secure VPN in your phone.

Step 3. Connect with one simple tap

Sonics VPN is really simple to use with its one-tap connection. Choose a server and tap on “Connect” and you're all set.

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Internet tracking has its own benefits and drawbacks. If you want to avoid being tracked and protect your online data, use the most secure VPN - Sonics VPN to help you. It provides the best VPN security with a 30-days free trial. Try it now and you are safe to surf the Internet without worrying about Internet tracking!

Download Sonics VPN to unblock global entertainments and enjoy fast, safe & private online surfing the Internet.