The Best VPNs for Iran in 2023 to Bypass Iran's Halal Internet

Use the best VPN to stay safe online in Iran. Sonics VPN helps you avoid government tracking, unblock websites, and protect your privacy using the Iranian Web.

Updated at2023/02/08Arya Munoz

VPN Works in Iran

In September 2022, anger has been felt online in Iran due to the protests in response to the death of a Kurdish woman while in police custody. Iran blocks Internet connection in Sarghez and Sanandaj for the first few days. The only area where demonstrators may express themselves is online.

The government intended to prevent pictures and videos of the protests from spreading on the Internet. As the protests spread throughout the country, the Iranian government cut off the nation's Internet network.

The internet disruptions are mostly the result of Iran's largest mobile phone operator going offline. There are more than 60 million customers of Iran Mobile Communications Company.

Iran blocks social media as well. The Iranians are eager to deal with the severe network issue. They are not able to use Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, YouTube, TikTok, etc. anymore. In the following part, here list of the banned websites and apps in Iran.

Blocked Websites And APPs in Iran

This list of banned services in Iran is just for your reference. Some may not be mentioned. The Iran government blocked almost all the most-used and efficient messaging apps to keep Iranian from organizing the demonstration.

You can see from this list how severely Iran censors content and restricts communication.

Videos: YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, Newgrounds

Social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, VK, Disqus, Sina Weibo

News: Fox News, CBS News, BBC, ABC News, NDTV, NBC News, CNN, CNET, CBS Sports

Messaging: Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Skype

Blog: Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Medium

Music: Pandora, YouTube Music, Spotify

Entertainment: Netflix, Disney+, Hulu

Payment services: Apple Pay, PayPal, Visa

Many platforms can also be used without a VPN, but doing so is monitored. Use a VPN service in order to access any of the services mentioned above. Your information will be encrypted via a VPN. As a result, neither the Iranian government nor your internet service provider will know that you visit any restricted websites.

Keep reading and get to know which VPN works in Iran. Here I present you with the best VPN - Sonics VPN.

Best VPN to Use in Iran - Sonics VPN Review

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Sonics VPN guards your security and privacy when you access blocked websites or apps in Iran on Windows, iOS, and Android. Your activities on the Internet are completely anonymous. You won't need to worry about being tracked or monitored by the government or a third party.

Besides the security defense, the services on speed are also satisfying. Sonics VPN provides 5000+ servers from 40+ districts to ensure fluency when you use it. The speed enables you to stream and download videos without hassle. As for the most concerned pricing, Sonics VPN offers a 7-day trial and a 30-day money-back policy.

  • Free trial without traffic & speed limitations

  • 5000+ high-quality servers for downloading and streaming

  • 40+ regions to view content from the world

  • No log-in is needed and no personal information is violated

  • Unlimited devices with one subscription

  • Customer service around the clock

  • Split tunneling for you to freely choose the apps or websites that should be routed

  • No ads to disturb you on apps or websites

  • Change IP address for safety concerns

  • Enjoy entertainment content from all over the world

  • Sonics VPN is devoted to providing fast and fluent Internet service for you. In this special period for Iran, Sonics VPN stands up to help Iranian overcome the Internet issue. You can rest your mind and trust Sonics VPN. The service is guaranteed for sure. 

Knowing about all these fabulous features is triggering! If you're tempted, read the following part and learn how to use it!

How to Use the Best VPN for Iran - Easy Guide

Step 1. Download and install Sonics VPN on your device. When you open it, you need to allow it to add VPN configurations first. Just tap Allow and enter your passcode.

Add VPN Configuration

Step 2. Tap the Connect button in the center since you have a 7-day trial. The location and server are automatic.

connect to sonicsvpn

By the way, if you are satisfied with the service this app provided, you can tap Get Premium at the bottom to upgrade your plan.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which free VPN works in Iran?

You can try Sonics VPN. Download Sonics VPN from the official website for free. Install it on your device. Windows, iOS, and Android are all available. Then you have a 7-day free trial. There is no data or speed limitation during the trial.

Is Netflix banned in Iran?

Yes. The Iran government not only blocks some social media but also some streaming sites like Disney+, Hulu, including Netflix. You can try Sonics VPN to access Netflix.

Is WhatsApp allowed in Iran?

No. Iran finally blocked WhatsApp and Instagram, two of the remaining largest social media in Iran. They have profound users in Iran. Now Iranian cannot access it with a bare connection. Only a VPN will work.


This passage has brought through the current Iran Internet situation. Due to government oppression, many social media and messaging apps are banned. They are the essential channels for Iranians to communicate with each other. This behavior has impeded the demonstration and Iranian normal lives.

Fortunately, there are still ways to deal with that. All you need is an appropriate VPN tool. Sonics VPN helps to protect your personal information and view content from another region. You can use it as a free VPN for it has a 7-day trial. The 30-day money-back policy also guarantees your money.

A reliable VPN is the best resolution to the current Iran network issue. Try Sonics VPN and break the wall the government built!

Download Sonics VPN to unblock global entertainments and enjoy fast, safe & private online surfing the Internet.