What is VPN on iPhone and How to Use It

Need to learn what is VPN on iPhone and how to use the best VPN for iPhone? Detailed explanations of VPN are available here.

Updated at2022/11/29Lara Finch

What is VPN on iPhone and How to Use It

The current Internet age seems to make our life transparent. Our web browsing history, location information, and other online actions appear to be easily accessible to others. Therefore, the issue of network security has become a topic that we are increasingly concerned about. We all worry that others may misappropriate essential and sensitive data, such as private photos, passwords, electronic accounts, etc. So, how can we avoid that? If you often pay attention to network security issues, you may be familiar with the word VPN, a service that can hide your browsing trace. In this article, you can learn about what is VPN on iPhone and how to use it on your mobile phone. Check it out if you are interested.

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What is VPN on iPhone?

A VPN, short for "Virtual Private Network", is a service that can ensure your privacy by encrypting your network connection. It is equivalent to a secure tunnel between the network and your device, where other devices cannot enter. Therefore, it further guarantees the security of information sent and received between the two devices. In short, a VPN can prevent your surfing data from being stolen by others, including your browsing history, IP address, and other transmitted data.

Now you may have an understanding of what is VPN on iPhone, check out the reasons to use it and how to use it in the following.

Why You Need VPN on Your iPhone

There are many benefits of setting up a VPN service on your iPhone. Here are the concluded top three main reasons that you need a VPN service on your iPhone.

  • Stay safe on public Wi-Fi.

Most public Wi-Fi networks are available for free. However, it may spy on customers' privacy by looking at users' browsing history. To avoid this, you can turn on the VPN service on your iPhone when connecting to a public network. With VPN enabled, all your network activity is hidden from local ISPs and public Wi-Fi networks. Since the connection is encrypted, no one else can intercept or snoop on any of your privacy. This way, you can safely use public wireless networks.

  • Change the IP address to hide the user’s location.

We often see people snooping on network activity to locate a user's location. It is hazardous for us if some malicious online platform collects user location information and conducts illegal transactions. To avoid this, some VPN providers will offer multiple virtual IP addresses to choose from, protecting you from being tracked by anyone. When you connect to a remote VPN server, your actual location is hidden.

  • Access to geo-restricted sites

Just mentioned, a VPN tool can help you change your IP address, so you can use it to access regionally restricted websites. For example, I can watch US videos, live broadcasts, access game platforms, etc., through a VPN, even if I am in another country.

How to Use VPN on iPhone

You can manually configure the VPN on your iPhone or download an app to connect to a virtual network with one click. Relatively speaking, the former is more troublesome, time-consuming, and has few features. Find a reliable VPN tool and download and install it, and you can surf the Internet safely. To choose an effective VPN provider, you need to consider a few factors: software security, connection speed, subscription price, number of VPN servers, etc. Overall, I’d like to recommend this Sonics VPN to you.

The Best Free VPN for iPhone – Sonics VPN

Sonics VPN is easy to use and effective. It is an excellent option if you're new to VPNs. You can connect to the server with just one click. It gives you free trial times. Every user can obtain a three-day free trial per month. If you wish to become its annual member, you can get a 7-day free trial. Unlike most free VPNs that only have access to a few servers with crossed speeds, its free version allows you to use all of its server networks. You can access 5000+ ultra-fast VPN servers worldwide and connect to the internet at fast speeds. Moreover, you don't need to register to use this VPN service on your iPhone, further ensuring the security of your personal information.

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Why Choose Sonics VPN

  • Free trial for new users without limits on the VPN servers

  • Fast connecting speed

  • Various VPN servers and IP addresses to select

  • Safe to use with multiple advanced VPN protocols

  • 24/7 online customer service

How to Use Sonics VPN on Your iPhone

Sonics VPN is quite easy to install and operate. It helps you connect to the VPN service automatically. You can free download its program from its official website. Now let’s have a look at how to use Sonics VPN to connect to the virtual network on your iPhone step by step.

Step1. Open the Sonics VPN. It will ask you whether to allow Sonics VPN to the VPN configurations. Click Allow to continue.

Step2. Click the connect button; it will automatically match a suitable VPN server for you.

Step3. Click Get Premium if you want to alter a server and enjoy more advanced features.

Sonics VPN - Fast & Unlimited

Access to the Internet

  • Breakthrough the speed limit on network connection
  • Private and safe online surfing
  • Global streaming, gaming, downloading, social networks services

Final Words

The post focuses on what is VPN on iPhone and how to get the best VPN for iPhone. In the current era of rapid Internet development, we must increase the awareness of protecting personal privacy and security. Imagine how terrifying it is that criminals can quickly obtain your name, address, personal hobbies, and other information. A VPN is the most effective tool to help you surf the web with peace of mind. On the one hand, it can help you hide your IP address in case your address is leaked. On the other hand, it can protect the data transmitted when surfing the Internet, which significantly protects personal privacy.

Of course, some VPN services are not entirely reliable, especially wholly free VPNs, which may make money by selling users' personal information. Sonics VPN is the software I still recommend after testing it, for it is safe and secure, and the connection is fast. And most importantly, it is safe to use. iPhone users can choose it if they are looking for an effective VPN service.

Download Sonics VPN to unblock global entertainments and enjoy fast, safe & private online surfing the Internet.